Life-sized Candy board game inside Somerset Collection

Troy's biggest mall has quite the game going on, and it's raising money for a good cause. 

Jason Carr reports:

From popsicle paradise to cotton candy canyon, kids of all ages are invited to play a life sized candy board game inside Somerset Collection.

"We took a little creative liberty, it's similar but the Somerset version of Candy Land" says Linda McIntosh

Linda Mcintosh of Somerset says make a donation, play the game, win a prize from the store wall.

"Childrens Hospital of Michigan is opening up their troy location early next year. We are so honored they are coming to our city, we thought what better way to welcome them than to do a great event with kids donating to kids. So the children pay two dollars and they get to play a giant game of candy collection and win all kinds of great prizes that our merchants have donated." says Linda.

The game is up and running for the next two weeks.

"Every single penny goes to Childrens Hospital of Michigan in Troy," says Linda. 

Click here for a link to the flyer.