Lincoln Park family waits for justice after dad is deported after 30 years

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It is the story that set off a wave of criticism from across the country this week.

A Lincoln Park dad was deported after nearly 30 years in the u-s, forced to leave his family behind is wife. It was heart-wrenching scene at Detroit Metro Airport as Jorge Garcia said goodbye to his family and to his American dream.

Moments later he was deported back to Mexico on Monday. While not a U.S. citizen, Garcia, 39, has been here since he was just 10 years old.

His wife Cindy talking to media all over the country and the world about her husband.

"We've talked to different countries from Spain, Peru, Colombia, to Great Britain," she said. "It's overwhelming the support we're getting and it's getting out there."

"Everyone knows what pain we're going through, how we feel about the situation that happened with my dad and how he left," said daughter Soleil Garcia

Rapper Chamillionaire has learned about the story and wants to help, with a social media post that went viral.

"After reading this unfortunate story I decided that I wanted to get in touch with the family so I could assist them," he said.

Politicians are also paying attention.

"We've been invited to the State of the Union and to the State of the State," Cindy said. "I want to see their reaction when I walk into the room. I don't even want to say anything; I just want read their faces."

The Garcias are working with the Mexican consulate hoping to bring Jorge back to his family in Lincoln Park. Before he was deported, Jorge was continually granted stays allowed to stay in the U.S. But not under the Trump administration.

"We understand that he wants the criminals to leave," Cindy said. "But my husband was not a criminal. He was on the right path and doing the right thing. We wanted to make him a permanent, legal citizen."

Cindy says she's going to do everything she can to keep this story in the spotlight. Not just for her family's sake but for other families going through similar situations.

"I'm overwhelmed at the publicity that we're getting, that the support we're getting," Cindy said.

And another bright spot.

"We actually got to FaceTime him before you guys got here," Soleil said. "We got to see him in Mexico."