Lincoln Park man fatally shot on I-75 near Rouge bridge

Lincoln Park neighbors are trying to process why their neighbor Antwon Johnson was murdered.

"(We) lost a good person," said Tony Sheppard. 

"I can't believe it. I'm heartbroken," said Margaret Sheppard. "He was a good guy. He just loved his kids. He really cared a lot about them."

Johnson was shot inside of a vehicle traveling on I-75 near the Rouge Bridge during the early morning hours of Saturday.

An eyewitness called Michigan State Police to report that there had been a shooting and one of the vehicles involved was a white or silver Chrysler 300. 

Margaret Sheppard says Johnson's loved ones said he had been out with friends.

"She said he had a couple of friends with him and was coming home," Margaret said. "We saw him every day. He would come over and talk. The little boy would wave hi. I can't believe this."

Michigan State Police are working some leads and processing evidence but they need to hear from people who saw or know something about this case.

The Sheppards hope people will speak up for the kids Johnson loved so much - who will now grow up without their dad.

"I just hope they find out who did this and why because they took a loving father from his children," Margaret said. 

The Sheppards hope an arrest will be made soon while Margaret added she also hopes people can learn to resolve situations without the use of a weapon.

"You don't just kill people, if you have a problem or something," she said. "You figure out a way to take care of it and not shoot somebody. You are taken away someone's father, son."