Link between the nine dogs rescued in West Bloomfield and 33 dogs found in Roseville last week

Nine dogs were recovered from a home in the 5300 Block of Hauser Way in West Bloomfield on Monday. 

Officials say there's a connection to the 33 other dogs found in Roseville last week.

"We received a tip that there was a home in West Bloomfield where there were several that may be connected to the incident that happened over the weekend in Roseville," said Bob Gatt. "I believe the tipster thought that same owner that had the dogs in Roseville (also) had the dogs in Bloomfield.

That owner is a 51-year-old woman who lives in the West Bloomfield property, although she is not the owner. Gatt, the manager of the Oakland County Animal Shelter & Pet Adoption Center, said that due to the conditions the dogs were found in the Roseville location, they were rescued.

When approached about the animals, the woman told investigators that she was keeping the dogs in the garage temporarily because she runs a rescue in the city. However, the woman is not registered to operate a rescue in the city.

"If we find anything that amounts to animal abuse or neglect, we will pursue charges against the owner," said Gatt.

Officers eventually were allowed to take the dogs from the West Bloomfield location after talking with the woman. 

If anyone is interested in adopting one of the rescued animals, they'll have to wait until the end of the week, when investigators estimate they'll know more about the dogs.