Lions fan responds to racist viral photo

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A picture of a man and woman called a racial slur for sitting during the national anthem at the Lion’s home opener has gone viral.

The woman featured in the photo, Stacey, says she has no words for what was written in the racist and profanity tinged Snapchat.

“Everybody has an opinion. He probably could've stuck with ‘he wishes we would've stood’ and I would’ve been like ‘ok’, but to write that under our picture … no words,” said Stacey.

In the photo, she and her friend are called "ignorant n-words."

The man allegedly behind the post is a Pontiac business owner, who, on Sunday, denied posting the photo and writing the bigoted caption.

“I didn't post any pictures, any collages anything … I don't know where that even came from,” said the unidentified business owner.

However, he seemingly changed his story with a Facebook post before deleting his account.

Fox 2 wanted to get his side of the story, but could not reach him Monday night, so we spoke with the man's neighbor.

“I will tell you, he has a pretty diverse group of friends, a very diverse group of friends. I can say that honestly,” said the neighbor.

However, people on social media are calling for a boycott of his business.

As for Stacey, she says she sits during the anthem because of the lyrics in the third stanza about killing self-emancipated slaves. She hopes the fallout over this post brings people together

“We gotta build our country back together, we gotta come together. Whatever that may mean. But that's going in the opposite direction. The racial slur, that's going backwards,” said Stacey.

Stacey and the man who allegedly made that post are both season ticket holders. She hopes the Lions will yank his membership, or move her seat so she doesn't have to sit with him.

We reached out to the Lions for comment, and have yet to receive a response.