Lions fans abuzz for NFC title game - but travel experts say book it early

The Lions are one win away from making the Super Bowl - with the 49ers and a trip to the Bay Area standing in the way.

The hottest ticket in town — besides this Sunday’s NFC Championship game — is the flight to get there.  Some flights could be as high as $3100 round trip.

Ticket prices start just under $500 according to Vivid Seats, while closer seats push the prices past $800.

David Fishman, from Cadillac Travel Group, had advice for those making the trek out west.

"American Airlines - not the best connection - but it’ll get you there on Saturday and get you back on Monday and it’ll be $800 round trip," he said.

And if you leave on Delta Airlines, Fishman says the cost will be about $1,100, but you may be able to save on lodging.

"Hotel-wise it’s amazing," he said. "I mean you can stay virtually, there’s a million hotels. And the rate it’s going for two nights, to around anywhere as low as $160 a night."

He says the prices have been ticking up all day and will skyrocket later in the week - so he recommends booking now.

"The sooner you do it, the better the odds are of getting a better rate," he said. "Especially on the air, because the air is becoming more difficult."

So if you've booked your flight and hotel and you may be thinking I'm heading to California, let me grab the flip flips. But you may want to think again.

We're told youll need to bring your hat and gloves - the temps will range between 52 and 70 in Santa Clara where the Niners play, according to FOX Weather.

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"It could be cool up in that area," Fishman said. "It tends to be, I like to say, that London-type feel (near) San Francisco."

So, he says check the weather and no matter what, pack light.

Fishman says the sooner you set up your arrangements, the better the odds of getting a better rate - especially when it comes to airfare.