Liquor bottle worth thousands stolen from party store

It was Saturday Night at Twisted Oak Wine and Spirits in Rochester Hills, when a smash and grab happened around 4:30 a.m. 

"We had a nightmare last night, this morning actually," said owner James Gindo. 

The suspect used a stolen car as a battering ram. 

When Gindo arrived to the store, it was a sight he would never forget. 

"The doors are pushed in, the Red Bull cooler is destroyed, and all my floor displays are on the ground. It looks like a tornado hit the store," Gindo said. 
Oakland County Sheriff's Deputies were at the location looking at the surveillance video. 

"They said he drove a car into the building and he grabbed one bottle, when I looked up, I realized what bottle he had grabbed," Gindo said. 

It was a bottle Louis XIII, and it's very expensive. 

"It's a 32-year-old Cognac, it's very good, it very rare," Gindo said. "It was $3700, with tax. So the person took it, knew what he took."
That person was in and out the store in a matter of seconds. 

"I think his target was just that bottle. He knew the value of the bottle. So that's why he did this," Gindo said. 

Gindo says now he'll be locking up the really expensive bottle for now on.