Little brothers found after wandering outside 2 days; father arrested

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A Good Samaritan finds two young brothers wandering in the cold on Detroit's west side - but now they're doing fine.

Two young boys were found wandering the snowy streets of Detroit near Brace and Chicago on Detroit's west side.

FOX 2: "Have you been left by yourself before?"

"Yes," Armani Reese said.

Manson McCann discovered 7-year-old Camaury Reese and 8-year-old Armani Tuesday afternoon when he dropped off a friend after work.

"I asked them where you going," McCann said. "They were trying to get to some Christian's house. I told them it's not safe, go back to where you came from. They said there isn't anybody there."

FOX 2: "Are you the oldest?"

"Yes," Armani said.

FOX 2: "How long have you been by yourself?"

"Two days," he said.

The boys, the youngest wearing only shorts at the time, showed McCann where they lived on Brace Street and claimed they had been left alone inside their apartment for two days.

"It is a total mess in there," McCann said. "There are clothes everywhere kitchen is a mess. You can tell they have been alone for a while. I asked them how long they've been there, they haven't eaten."

McCann quickly called Detroit police and FOX 2.

Officers treated the boys as if they were their own, trying to gather any information they could about their parents.

FOX 2: "Can you tell me the last time you saw an adult next door?"

"Since yesterday."

A neighbor across the hall also told police officers she hadn't seen the father since Monday. FOX 2 is told the mother is not in the picture and both the boys suffer from learning disabilities.

Despite it all, the two brothers seemed to be in good spirits - especially when they met Mr. McCann.

"For them to be as close as they are, and how they have been taking care of themselves shows they have a whole lot in them than we are giving them credit for," McCann said.

Police took the boys to get something to eat and then to the 6th Precinct - where officers were able to track down their grandmother. Child Protective Services are now involved. The father has been arrested for neglect.

It didn't take long for a bond to form between McCann and the boys, they are lucky he was the one who came to their rescue.

"These people are going to take good care of you guys," McCann said. "They are going to make sure you guys eat, and take care of you all, so be good with them, like you are with me okay?"


"Miss you guys, give me a hug," McCann said.