LIVE: Funeral for 4 children murdered in Dearborn Heights held today

The four children who were murdered in Dearborn Heights last week are being laid to rest.

FOX 2 is streaming the funeral LIVE now:

Their mother, Faith Green, was tied up, tortured and forced to watch the killings of her two oldest children.

Her husband, Gregory Green, called 911 and told dispatchers that he killed their two young daughters and his teenage step-children.

Gregory is charged with murder and faces life in prison.

The funeral for the four siblings is this morning at Detroit First Church of the Nazarene in Farmington Hills.

Shot to death were 19-year-old Chadney Allen, Jr., 17-year-old Kara Allen, while 4-year-old Kaleigh Green and 5-year-old Koi Green were found apparently asphyxiated using exhaust from a car.

During the funeral, they spoke about the children's interests and hobbies.

Chadney Allen, Jr., enjoyed anime, and making mini movies, while working part-time at KFC. Kara Allen was completing AP courses so she could attend college right after high school. She also volunteered to feed the homeless. 

Koi Green loved school and her teachers, and had so many friends. She was learning to speak Spanish. She loved to dress up and model her pretty outfits. She was a cheerleader, a ballet dancer, who enjoyed drawing and going away on trips. Kaleigh Green, a pre-schooler, loved to sing, ballet dance, play outside and eat mac'n'cheese.

Faith was expected to speak at a press conference on Wednesday, but decided last-minute she couldn't go through with it. 

FOX 2's Amy Lange streamed live on Facebook during the event.

Faith released a statement following the press conference she did not appear at, saying:

"She would like to thank all who have contributed expressed their love towards their family and at this very difficult time," Banks said. "This homecoming celebration would not be possible without the love support and generosity of so many."

So many who have donated, like the Pye funeral home which supplied the caskets and services - but also everyday people who offered condolences and prayers.

O.H. Pye III Funeral Home in Detroit is donating their time and services covering all the costs of laying them to rest. They say they just had to help.

"Doing children's services already is difficult," said Arnessa Pye, funeral director. "But to do four - at one time  - that is just absolutely unbearable."

"In the 36 years that we've been in business we've never seen anything like this before - never," said Ozie H. Pye IV, executive director. "To kill an entire generation, a whole family like that, was just something that was unprecedented - we had never seen that level of cruelty before in our city. It was just too awful."

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family, click here to donate.