Live grenade surgically removed from Colombian soldier's face

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BOGOTA, COLOMBIA (RTV) - Surgeons from a Colombia military hospital performed an incredibly dangerous procedure in an effort to save a soldier last week.

Doctors had to improvise an operating area in a military parking lot because the patient had a live grenade stuck in his jaw - posing a risk to the patient, doctors and anyone around.

The surgery was done on Colombian soldier named Leandro Jose Luna.

Luna and another soldier were on patrol when the other soldier’s grenade launcher accidentally activated and lobbed a 40-millimeter grenade into Luna’s right jaw.

The grenade remained active, and Luna couldn't be transported by helicopter due to the risk of the grenade detonating.

With the help of a translator, the chief of surgery at the military hospital, Dr. William Sanchez said, “this was a procedure that was a little unusual… We have to improvise an operating area in the external area of our facility, in the parking lot and on the helipad, given the characteristics of the patient, because he had an explosive element, a grenade, embedded in his face."

Luna was said to be doing well in recovery and will later be re-integrated back into his military unit.