Livonia barbershop closes after nearly 60 years

It's been almost six decades since Roger and Rod's Barbershop in Livonia first opened up shop. But after 58 years, it's time to say goodbye.

Muhammad Ali and the Stanley Cup have been inside the Livonia staple but now it's time to hang up the clippers for good but Roger and Rod's will be remembered for the storied history.

Rod Hawraney's dad, Roger, got a tip about a storefront from a trusted friend and prominent businessman: Mike Ilitch.

"When Mike Ilitch was looking to open up another location for his pizzerias he brought my dad out here to look at the barbershop. Both stores are here 58 years later

Rod watched and learned as his father groomed hair and taught him everything he knows about becoming a partner in the barbershop.

"He brought up in the barbershop. I was in here sweeping the floors when I was 10 years old for my dad and it just seemed like a natural fit," Rod said.

Over the years the father and son duo welcomed locals in their seats but also international celebrities.

"Muhammad Ali was here he was here with some friends of my dad," Rod said. "Mike Ilitch brought the Stanley Cup in here in 1997."

And over the years the father and son duo not only built a business but became a treasured resource in the community. Rod says it's time.

"I’ve been here 46 years," he said. "It's bittersweet, to be honest with you, to be retiring and leave all those relationships behind."

As Rod wraps up the final days of the shop he can’t help but think of all the wonderful things retirement will offer

"I’m going to be doing whatever I want to do when I want to do it. I never had that opportunity because I always work on Saturdays - I want to go to a college football game, I want to watch my grandkids play soccer," he said.

He doesn't know what will come of his barbershop but says Covid has made it more difficult to continue.

"I was taking temperatures. It just adds more pressure to the day that you don’t really need," he said.

The barbershop closes for good on July 30.