Livonia mother of five flips RVs and trailers

Sarah Lemp had a reoccurring dream: to own a vintage trailer and hit the open road with her family.

But with a family of seven, money is tight. And although she is known for her DIY projects and blog All Things With Purpose, she had to get extra creative. They bought an RV for just $500, but Sarah knew she could make it into the vehicle of their dreams. 

"I love a transformation story and seeing the before and after," she said, showing inside one of her RVs that she hasn't flipped yet. "I like the reactions and when people say, 'What are you going to do with this thing?'"

No fancy facility here; she renovates the RVs in her the backyard. Once she makes sure the plumbing and mechanics are in working order, Sarah sees what she can save and what needs to replace.

"What I'll do first is I'll start ripping out anything that looks damaged. I will immediately rip out any fabric - the curtains, the cushions - anything that smells, anything that's not tied down or attached to the walls."

She works fast cleaning it up, coating with paint and turning it into a mini home on wheels. She buys items from Facebook Marketplace and Ikea to Home Depot or a surplus supply store, wherever she can find a unique piece to create a more modern space that also ensures safety for her growing family.  The Lemps recently adopted two more children. 

"As our family has grown, it was a joke at first and it's like, 'Well I guess we're just doing this. We are flipping RVs.' Because we use it for a while with our family, and then need something bigger."

In a matter of weeks, Sarah can finish a renovation. The work is budget friendly, and when they are done enjoying their adventures the Lemps sell the RVs and trailers. Their latest 29-foot beauty is on the market for $12,000.

But it is not just about the money. Sarah loves sharing her tips and tricks with those who follow her work on her blog

Whether it is making memories with her family or breathing new life into an old treasure, it's how she leads her life: with purpose.

"I like when I get a message saying you have inspired me to try this, I was afraid to do this now I am going to do it. I love hearing that because my mission wasn't necessarily to go out flip a bunch and sell them, it was to see other people doing it affordably for their families."

One tip she shared with us: a great way to sanitize cushions or other upholstery is vodka, and then let it dry in the sun. It's a great disinfectant and doesn't leave a scent.