Livonia schools return to in-person learning

"Both my kids learn better at school, so they both want to be in school and need to be in school," said Mackenzie Szimanski. 

It’s a major step to getting back to normal. Monday kicked off the Livonia School District’s first full week of in-person learning after all learning went virtual as an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Many parents welcoming the return to in-person learning after admitting challenges with virtual only learning. 

"Finding all the different websites (was hard) because there were so many to go on," said parent Krista Harris.

As students return to the buildings, a number of protocols are in place to keep the school community safe, the district said.

"Masks are an absolute No. 1 priority for us," said Andrea Oquist, superintendent. "We are constantly cleaning high touch surfaces throughout the school."

"I think they did a great job for safety measures putting arrows on the floor making sure the desks are apart," Harris said.

There is also close attention paid to hand washing and social distancing even at lunchtime.

"One of the most important elements was increasing the number of lunch periods so there are less students each period," said Oquist.

But online learning isn’t going bye-bye. In-person learning school days are abbreviated so an online component can remain in place 

"So they do have a remote learning component each day in addition to their in-person learning," Oquist said. "So they can stay prepared and ready in the event we have to pivot back to the remote learning-only format."

And if a member of this school community contracts the virus there’s a plan for that also. 

"We would begin with the contract tracing process immediately," Oquist said. "We make notification of any close contacts and then we go through the process again of identifying any additional areas in the school that requires additional  deep cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting."

The entire school community would also then be told about it. The parents that FOX 2 spoke with, say they’re pleased with the protocols and are happy their children are finally back in school.

"I think we need to get back to life," Harris said.