Livonia tailor accused of touching postal workers during uniform fittings

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A postal worker is speaking out after he says a trusted tailor is touching them inappropriately during uniform fittings. 

This postal worker, who does not want to be identified, says Majed Wazni groped him during a fitting for a new uniform at Allie Brothers of Livonia in February. 

"He went up and down on my zipper five times," the postal worker says. "So that led me to believe, ‘Maybe there's a defect in the zipper' - until he put his finger in the zipper and that's when he touched me."

It took the postal worker, who we'll call Tom, two weeks to even mention it to his colleagues who also get uniforms there. He was stunned, then, to learn he wasn't alone.

"They said that it's been happening for years," Tom says. "I spoke to one of my coworkers; he said it happened to him 16 years ago."

Even so, Tom was the first to go to police.

"The Wayne County Prosecutor called me and said that he did admit it, and she told me he said he did it for his own sexual pleasures," Tom says.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's office did not confirm to FOX 2 that Wazni confessed to groping Tom or other postal workers, but says Wazni has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree.

"This alleges that you did engage in sexual contact with another person using force or coercion to accomplish the contact," 16th District Magistrate Barbara Scherr sait to Wazni during a court hearing. 

Wazni is facing misdemeanor charges that could land him behind bars for a few years. He is free on a $10,000 bond.

FOX 2 stopped by his home in Dearborn, but no one came to the door. Allie Brothers of Livonia would not comment on the allegations.

Investigators would like those who believe they were also inappropriately touched to come forward.

Tom says he felt he had a responsibility to speak up. 

"It's just not about us; we've got to think this guy could be at church doing the same thing to kids. He can be in his neighborhood doing the same things to someone's kids."