Lobster carbonara recipe from Tom's Oyster Bar

It's a lobster lovers dream at Tom's Oyster Bar in downtown Royal Oak. This Valentine's Day, for just over a week, between Feb. 10-19, Tom's Oyster Bar will offer an assortment of lobster features.

Chef Jamal Alashmaly joined us on The Nine to tell us more about the features - along with some features at their sister restaurant next door, Ale Mary's. You can get his lobster carbonara recipe below. 

Garlic 1 oz
Shallots 1 oz
White Wine 1/3 cup
Bacon Lardons    1.5 oz
Lobster (3oz) 1 pacl
Cream    4 oz
Linguini Pasta (7oz) 1 pack
Asiago Cheese    2 oz
Peas  2    oz

Step 1    Heat a sauté pan on the burner and add cooking oil.  Add the Garlic, Shallots and Leeks, and begin to sweat, DO NOT BROWN.
Step 2    Deglaze the pan with the white wine.  Place the garlic toast into the oven, and heat until melted and browned.
Step 3    Add the Bacon and Lobster and warm through.  Add the cream and Pasta, and begin to reduce.
Step 4    Add the peas and the cheese and melt the cheese into the sauce.
Step 5    Plate in the larger shallow bowl.  Pile the pasta nice and high in the center of the bowl, neatly.  Put the toast in top pointing from the center out.