Local group forms to fight Trump's immigration policy

Activists in Metro Detroit are speaking out just after the Associated Press cited a "draft memo" calling for 100,000 National Guard troops to round up undocumented immigrants.

While the White House has denied this, the fear is still growing.

Anti-Trump protestors gathered Friday afternoon at the corner of Mt. Elliot and East Jefferson.

"We're out here to say not to Donald Trump, no to the White House, and their movement to try and deport immigrants and the hard-working people who deserve to be in this country," said protester Zubin Kahn.

The group that organized this particular protest is a newly formed group is called Michigan Peoples Defense Network.

"We're seeing a White House kind of falling apart; a White House in shambles," said Reg Flowers.

"I think the administration's actions have been really horrifying and fast and furious, so I think it deserves a really strong response," Stephanie Kenner said.

The grass roots organization has a lot it wants to accomplish.

"Try and get the American people to rally and to start marching, to start building coalitions," Kahn said.

And with protests like this becoming more common place

"The accumulation of all these people, all this shouting, has to make some sort of difference," Kenner said.

"Things like this are happening all over the country. I think people are just tired of sitting by and feeling hopeless about it," Flowers said.