Local gun industry booming over fears of coronavirus

Bill Kucyk, a local gun store owner, says he's sold about 400 weapons in the last five days. 

And that's just at the Southfield location on Eight Mile. He's also sold another 400 guns at his Eastpointe store as well.

"They're buying all my guns and they're buying all my ammunition," said Kucyk, who owns Action Impact. "They're afraid there's going to be a zombie apocalypse or some type of purge or something, I don't know."

The fear is that the coronavirus outbreak will push residents into more desperate situations if they're forced into isolation and quarantine.

"If we have to isolate ourselves, if we have to go into quarantine, we're afraid we'll be robbed or shot and I don't know where that thought's coming from, but they absolutely believe it," he said.

With the restaurant and bar business in freefall after Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer mandated all dine-in eateries close or flip to carry-out only, a lot of industries are hurting.

As the airline industry saw revenues plummet and the cruise industry shut down, many sects of the economy are now floating in limbo - leaning on savings and a drop in sales.

The gun industry hasn't seen any of that. Kucyk says his business is up 500% since the coronavirus scare.

"This is more than Sandy Hook was, this is way more than 9/11 ever was, more than when President Obama took office, this is five times that," he said.

While the gun business traditionally sees its profits ebb and flow with election years and major events, the beginning of 2020 has seen a wave of sales like never before.

Even with the spike in sales, Kucyk said every policy continues to be followed. With ammunition stock running short, he's limiting any purchase of rounds to those also buying a gun.

"I've been offered $500 for a box of ammunition," he said.

Unfortunately, that would be price gouging and not a practice Kucyk is interested in partaking in. He's also ensuring every customer goes through a background check - no matter how long it takes.

"I've got the greatest customers in the world," he said. "They want their guns but at the same time they're not getting angry at a two-or-three hour wait."