Local organization creates isolation gowns during COVID-19 pandemic 

"You need to be able to use a pair of scissors and be able to tape, that's it," said Robyn Staebler with Angels Wear Gowns. 

Robyn and her husband Jeff Stumbling came up with the idea of making isolation gowns, while quarantine cleaning their house near Chelsea. 

"We happen to come across a surgical gown that my kids had used at Halloween and we tore that apart and made a templet out of the gown," Robyn said. 

The prototype got the blessing of healthcare professions. Since April 1st, their group "Angels Wear Gowns" has taken off. 

"20 days later, we are at 140 plus volunteers," Robyn said. "We have done over 4,500 gowns and donated to over 30 plus facilities all over Metro Detroit."

They currently have hundreds of requests, including some new ones in Los Angeles. 

"We have 24 templets we are mailing out tomorrow to help volunteers in that area," Robyn said. 

They're supplying healthcare professionals, and others you not think about. 

"Nursing homes, mortuaries, jails. It's very sad people that are not prepared for this Robyn," said. 

So far, all the materials donated are helping out big time. 

Pickups and drop offs are all arranged by District Coordinators, volunteers. 

"A lot of them were just sitting at home," Robyn said. "They're all healthy obviously, but needing to feel like they can be a part of what's happening or be the light in a dark situation right now. "

Robyn says it just feels so good to do something right now, to help. 

"Families are doing this together, showing their children on how to help others in a really crucial time of need and make a difference," she said. 

If you want to get involved with this movement and want to donate supplies or volunteers, click here.