Looking for a healthy alternative this holiday, check out these 6 holiday food swaps

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IF (and we know this is a big if) you're wanting to switch things up this holiday: 

Six healthy holiday food swaps
December is here and you may be tempted to put off your fitness and health aspirations until the New Years. Of course, we'd all feel better if we went into the new year with some healthy momentum. 
Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer Tony Stephan, RD has a few easy and delicious holiday food swaps to avoid that unwanted weight gain and start January off with that momentum. 
Holiday Swap # 1 pasta for zucchini noodles - A small serving of 2 oz of pasta is over 40 grams of carbs! Most people have 3-4 times that amount at a traditional holiday meal! Why not cut down on the calories and make the simple swap of pasta for zucchini noodles aka zoodles. You can still use your traditional pasta sauce on top of the zoodles for a much healthier and lower calorie holiday meal!
Holiday Swap #2 mashed potatoes for cauliflower mash - Your traditional holiday mashed potato dish can be loaded with carbohydrates and fat! A simple holiday swap would be to use mashed cauliflower instead! Mashed cauliflower has the same texture as mashed potatoes and taste amazing with added spices such as garlic, onion, salt, and pepper! Cauliflower is also loaded with Vitamin C which is so important during cold and flu season!
Holiday Swap #3 pies for grilled fruit - Everyone loves dessert but traditional holiday pies can really pack on the calorie. Baked, roasted, or grilled fruit is a sweet and savory healthy alternative. This way your guest get the sweetness they crave while avoiding all the calories they don't want!
Holiday Swap #4 green bean casserole for roasted brussels sprouts - Even though green beans are a healthy veggie, most holiday casseroles have butter, cheese, and sauces added which can really add up in calories! Oven roasted brussels sprouts is a great flavorful dish that packs in the fiber and nutrients. Adding a bit of natural bacon and seasoning makes this dish taste amazing.
Holiday Swap #5 sweet potato casserole for baked sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite carbohydrate sources, but the traditional sweet potato casserole comes with marshmallows and added sugar which makes this dish more like a dessert than healthy side. Skip the sauces and additives and go with a baked sweet potato instead. Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A! Add seasonings like ginger and pumpkin pie spice for a flavorful healthy swap!
Holiday Swap #6 cream cheese dip and sour cream for hummus and greek yogurt - If you are serving up snacks before your holiday meal two simple healthy swaps would be to replace cream cheese and sour cream, which are both loaded with saturated fat, for hummus and greek yogurt. Greek yogurt taste just like sour cream but is loaded with protein. Hummus packs in tons of healthy fats, fiber, and protein!
Make these simple holiday swaps at your next party to enjoy delicious foods without the unwanted calories.

+Six Healthy Holiday Food Swaps!
+zoodles for noodles 
+mashed potatoes for cauliflower mash
+pies for grilled fruit 
+green bean casserole for roasted brussels sprouts
+sweet potato casserole for baked sweet potatoes 
+cream cheese dip and sour cream for hummus and greek yogurt