Loose dogs rip into woman's car on east side of Detroit

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A couple loose dogs did plenty of damage tearing into the front end of a parked car Monday.

Brenis Chapman was drinking his morning coffee when he watched loose dogs attack a car on McCormack Street on the east side.

"They went in her yard and the cats ran up under the car, they just went crazy on her car," he said.

"They" were two dogs and the car belonged to Lisa Ross. Off work and sleeping in on this Labor Day, Ross was flabbergasted when she went outside and saw the front end of her Ford Fusion.

"I started walking closer and I said 'Oh my God, what happened to my car?'"

Chapman called her over and told her what he saw.

"'There were two pit bulls they were on your car,' (and) he said - 'Did they damage your car?' I said, yes - they ate my car," Ross said.

"They were too large to get under the car so they took their frustrations out on the car," Chapman said.

"Now I can see these are claw marks or teeth marks - tried to pry the grill off and they chewed the bumper up trying to get to the cats," said Ross.

Ross feeds the stray cats in the neighborhood. 

"One of (the dogs) wasn't that big, he was slender, but the other one, he was big, and he had a head on him, like a basketball," Chapman said. "Pit bulls come in different sizes but this was a big one. The biggest scare was that she didn't come out while they were attacking her car."

"On any given day there could have children out here when this happened but thank God not today," Ross said.

But Chapman did say he saw a woman walking down the sidewalk pushing her baby in a stroller, momentarily distracting the dogs.

"She speed up the street as fast as she could, pushing her stroller and they went back to work on the car," Chapman said.

And what about the cats? Ross says there are about six of them in the neighborhood and did not see any clumps of fur or signs that the dogs got to them.

The dogs were originally thought to have been pit bulls. This story has been updated for accuracy