Love letters from 1922 found in Detroit home demolition

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A member of a demolition crew stumbled upon some priceless mementos in a Detroit house -- dozens of love letters that date back to 1922.

Byron Conway reached out to FOX 2, hoping to return the letters to surviving family members. Conway works for the DMC group and says he has never discovered anything like this.

"(I) was picking through the wood, making sure the wood was cleaned up and I noticed two boxes (and) I'm not going to lie, I thought it was money," he says. He broke open the metal boxes and didn't find money, but it was something someone definitely valued at one time.

Unearthed from a now-vacant lot on Gladstone in Detroit, he found dozens of love letters that date back to 1922.

"Once the house came down it was among a bunch of rubbish and debris and stuff," Conway says. "I had to keep it; I couldn't see myself just throwing them in the back of the dump truck and go to the landfill where it would just get lost forever."

The letters were neatly tucked inside the metal lock boxes are from a woman named Rose, who lived on Tappan Avenue in Ann Arbor. Each was a letter she sent to her love, Don Falvey, who lived at 2232 Gladstone on Detroit's west side.

One reads, "That I could be with you I know I would feel a million times better than I do now, I love you so, darling, and just wait."

"I just had to read one," Conway says. "It was a romantic letter I said somebody might want these. It took me back, it was touching."

FOX 2 did a little digging and found a man named Don Dickinson Falvey who was in his first year of Law School at the University of Michigan back in 1922. His name is on the student registry and his picture is in the yearbook from 1925. Did the letters belong to him?

Conway is hoping someone is watching or reading and may just recognize the name and possibly the address so he connect these loving letters to the family of the rightful romantic.

"Because they were so much in love and everything, and no telling how many grandkids or generations came after that," Conway says. "Maybe they want something to remind them of their great grandparents."

Conway has the letters with him at his house. If you have any information about the person they belonged to contact FOX 2 at (248) 552-5103 or on Facebook. You can reach Taryn Asher on Facebook HERE or Twitter HERE  and we will connect you.