LSU Superfan Teen in Hospice Care Dies

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According to on Saturday, Sid Otis, a Mountain Brook teen who battled cancer for more than a year has died.  

Sid passed away on Saturday morning surrounded by family.  "Today, around 7:24 a.m., Sid won his race and is in Heaven celebrating,"  his mom, Lynn Otis posted on Facebook. "We are so proud of our son for not getting bitter, living life, trusting Jesus until the end. Please pray for us as we leave to live without him."

An Alabama teen in hospice care has a supporter and friend in LSU's Les Miles. reported that Sid Ortis, 16, was diagnoses with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, back in August of 2014. This past Mach, after his second lung surgery, the family received a call out of the blue from the head coach.

Scott and Lisa Ortis, both originally from Louisiana, aren’t quite sure how Miles got their number, but are glad he did. He spoke at length with Sid telling him “Life is not how long you live, but how well you live it.” The two also prayed together.

They since struck up a friendship and Sid was even invited to LSU’s game against Auburn to watch from the coach’s box seats.

Miles called Sid again this week and again chatted at length. It was a bit more somber this time. Sunday, with nothing medically left to stop his aggressive cancer, Sid decided it was time to go home. The two again talked about their favorite team, the LSU Tigers, and again both prayed.

In a sea of purple and gold, the community has been rallying behind the family and gathering to pray. But it is the special friendship that has made Sid feel blessed.

And it was what Les Miles said to Sid during one of their conversations that might make the blessing of this friendship last into the next lifetime: “When you get to Heaven, save a spot for me.”

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