Lucido disciplined, removed from Senate committee following sexual harassment investigation

A Michigan Senate investigation into Sen. Pete Lucido's behavior found allegations of sexual harassment by several women to be credible. Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey added in a statement that the investigation found "inappropriate workplace behavior."

As a result, Lucido has been stripped of a committee chairmanship and ordered to undergo training.

“In January, I directed the Senate to retain outside counsel to lead an investigation into several allegations made against Senator Lucido. Outside counsel and the Senate Business Office undertook a thorough and exhaustive investigation into allegations made against the senator and found the senator’s conduct to be ‘inappropriate workplace behavior," Shirkey's statement reads. 

Earlier this year Lucido faced three public accusations of sexual harassment. 

The allegations began when Allison Donahue, a reporter for Michigan Advance, wrote an article alleging an inappropriate comment Lucido made about her in front of a group of high school boys. 

He reportedly told her in front of the group of boys that they "could have a lot of fun" with her. 

Sen. Lucido initially apologized for what he called a "misunderstanding" and for offending Donahue. But then he said he never made that comment at all. 

Democratic senator Mallory McMorrow and Melissa Osborn, a regulatory affairs specialist for a trade group made similar comments. 

McMorrow filed a sexual harassment complaint against Lucido. Lucido reportedly told her he "could see why" she beat her male incumbent while looking her up and down.

Osborn reported that Lucido commented on her appearance while touching her lower back. 

FOX 2 has reached out to Lucido for comment. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report