Sen. Ludico says female reporter 'misquoted' him about inappropriate comment

The fallout continues after a state lawmaker allegedly made an inappropriate comment to a female reporter.

Now Macomb County Sen. Pete Lucido is clarifying his remark, claiming the reporter "misquoted" him. 

Reporter Alyson Donahue wrote for Michigan Advance that Sen. Lucido told her in front of a group of high school boys that they "could have a lot of fun" with her. Sen. Lucido initially apologized for what he called a "misunderstanding" and for offending Donahue. 

But now he's saying he never said that comment at all. 

"For somebody to be misquoting me for whatever gain there is - and I know she's a reporter, she's a journalist - I got to say that it doesn't matter how she took it, it's how she wanted to take it, not how I did. And neither did the boys," Sen. Lucido told FOX 2. 

The boys laughed at the remark. 

Donahue told us there is no tape of the "fun" statement, so it appears that  Lucido and Donahue may have a different interpretation of what exactly was said.

"The statement was, 'I'm going to go on the floor now to have some fun. You're welcome to join us.' Maybe there's another agenda there I'm not aware of," Sen. Lucido said.

On Thursday Donahue sent this statement to FOX 2:

"The senator suggested I purposely took his comment out of context to get an interesting story, and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I will continue to stand by every single word I wrote. The senator is simply gaslighting me, but I won't stop advocating for myself just like I did Tuesday afternoon. I hope to hear from him soon so we can discuss this privately."

"This has gone every which way but the way it should've gone," Sen. Lucido said. "Words that are taken and put into square pegs and round holes, it shouldn't happen."

But what is happening - the Senate is investigating whether Lucido's comments amounted to sexual harassment. 

"I think the fact that he apologized is going to be sufficient," said State Sen. Jim Runestad, (R) White Lake. 

"The apology was for offending people; the reality was his words were more than just an interpretation of offense. He was hurtful and harmful to a lot of people across the state," said State Rep. Darrin Camilleri, (D) Brownstown. 

"His comments do not in any way reflect the values that we instill in our young men," principal Nathan Maus said. 

De La Salle even invited Allison Donahue to participate in an anti-bullying seminar at the school on January 31.

"We felt it was a great opportunity for her to come see the school and really what our school is about, and that we really try to teach our young men the right way to do things and the right way to treat others no matter who they are," Maus said.

Donahue hasn't accepted yet but said she is considering the invitation.