Lying man promising free Detroit homes and money finds new victims

A man promising free houses and $100,000 was back at it again, lying to people with empty promises that has seemingly happened before.

"I was excited and happy that we are getting a house for me and my family," said one woman. "I picked my paint out, I know how I want my yard."

This Detroit woman, a mom - who we'll call "Tonya" says she thought the house was all hers.

"This is not a scam, this is not a hoax," said Ramzu Yunus in an online video.  

But it is - that's Ramzu Yunus - who appears to be back to his unfulfilled promises.  

"I'm talking about free homes for everyone, $100,00 grant money for everyone," he says in the video.

Tonya says Yunus was set up outside of the Coleman A. Young building Monday convincing Detroiters, they are entitled by law to Detroit Land Bank-owned homes and foreclosed homes. 

"I'm thinking it's legit because it's (the building) where the mayor (is at) the council," said one woman.  

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Tonya says he handed her a phony deed - so she started investing in the house on the city's east side, to get it ready. 

Ramzu Yunus

Ramzu Yunus

"People gave up their houses to get into these houses - there are people," Tonya said.   

But when she called the Detroit Land Bank to get keys - they told her it was a scam. They tell FOX 2, that seven people so far fell for it - so far.  

Now Tonya has to tell her four kids. 

FOX 2: "How did you break the news?"

"I didn't, I don't know," she said.  

This scam, this man - has been at this for years, this was 2016.  That day in Highland Park, Yunus was arrested.  

FOX 2 tried calling him - but only got music playing on the other end.  

Tonya is out some cash - but never paid anything to yunus, or his organization but gave up personal information.  

"You did this, you started this," she said. "You need to fix this."  

Apparently, Yunus was in front of Detroit's TCF Center gathering personal information from people promising homes as well.