Macomb County judge rules county clerk Karen Spranger removed from office

A Macomb County judge has ruled that county clerk Karen Spranger is to be removed from office.

The Macomb County judge ruled that Spranger, who was elected county clerk 2016, is not a legal resident of Macomb County.

Spranger has been a controversial figure in Macomb County since early 2017 when she took office. First, she was accused of creating a hostile work environment, then she was accused of lying on her paperwork about her address.

Spranger claimed she lived in a home near 9 Mile and Van Dyke but it didn't look lived in when FOX 2 visited the home last August. Records showed it hasn't had water turned on at the home since 2013 and notices on the door from the city say the house is vacant.

Her attorney said despite all of that, she lived there.

The judge in the case ruled that Spranger was not a qualified elector because she didn't live in Macomb prior to filing to run for office in April 2016. For those reasons, Spranger was ordered to be removed from her position.