Macomb County partners with Shipt to help seniors get food delivered for free

Macomb County is helping senior citizens get food delivered.

"Eight thousand seniors we deal with on an individual basis that have challenges and needs," said Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel. "So we reached out to Shipt. We are the first municipality in the entire country that is doing this. 

In a partnership between the Macomb County Office of Senior Services and Shipt, an online grocery delivery service, those over the age of 60 to get a free, one-year membership to the delivery service.

"When the pandemic first started we reached out to our seniors in Macomb County," said Sheila Cote, office of senior services. "And they overwhelmingly asked for groceries and essential care items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves."

According to county officials, Shipt will provide same-day grocery delivery from local stores using a community of reliable shoppers.

So here's how it works. A senior can use Shipt's app, website, or just call at 1 (205) 502-2500.  Shipt will take the order, shop at a local store- like Meijer, and then bring it straight to the senior's home.

"It has to be $35 or more as a purchase," Hackel said. "If it is less than that, you have to add $7 to that."

And this is not the first time that shipped help the community. It's giving away complimentary PPE's and financial relief, for those who are temporarily unable to work because of Covid.

If you are interested, and a Macomb County resident, call the Macomb County Office of Senior Services before the deadline of November 10th or go to: