Macomb County unveils tool that lets you follow road upgrades

Reports say it would take billions of dollars to fix the roads in Macomb County. Now county executive Mark Hackel is unveiling a new tool that he hopes will get the county the money it needs. 

Hackel says the cost to fix the damn roads in Macomb County is about $2.3 billion and that's just for the roads the county is responsible for. That includes 1,278 lane miles of roads and 39 bridges that aren't up to par. 

"You have to know the size of the problem before you tackle it and solve it and now we know," said Rick Stathakis, Shelby Township Supervisor.

Hackel unveiled Wednesday a new interactive tool that shows how much money the county needs to repair a specific road or bridge. The digital tool provides current information for taxpayers and legislators.

"We wanted to make it available to the public so they can have easy access to information, but with that, again, appeal to the legislature to say hey now you know the real numbers, how do we get to a real solution that's going to solve this particular problem?" Hackel said.

According to data from the Pavement Surface Evaluation ratings, between 2015-18, 18 percent of roads got worse while 67 percent stayed the same. Only 15 percent of roads got better.