Macomb man attacks court officer before arraignment for armed robbery and resisting arrest

Paul Frost had already dug himself a big hole when he was caught in Warren.

Initially arrested for armed robbery, receiving and concealing a stolen firearm and resisting police, the 34-year-old was awaiting his court hearing Aug. 23. But the story didn't end there, instead gaining traction right before his arraignment.

"Cases were being heard. On our floor we have a lockup where we put the prisoners before they go into the courtroom," said Macomb County Anthony Wickersham. 

Three inmates, including Frost were waiting in the cell when one complained of a feeling of claustrophobia. When the deputy came over, Frost wiggled out of his belly chain.

"His hands were there," Wickersham said, gesturing in front of him before pointing to his holster. "But he could've got to it (the deputy's gun)." 

Instead, Frost used his chains and attacked the deputy.

"He kind of took it up and he was able to hit him with the cuff aspect of that in the head," said Wickersham.

Despite being taken off guard, the court officer fought back. Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said the deputy had bruises and bumps all over his head.

When the judge's secretary overheard the commotion, they hit the emergency button. Frost was taken back into custody. Along with his previous charges, he now has five more felonies to his name, including assault with a dangerous weapon, assault of a prison employee and resisting police. 

"I don't know where he was going to go, or what he thought he was going to do," said Smith.

What prosecutors do know is they'll be seeking five years in prison - the maximum possible sentence. Frost has quite the list of convictions already, including multiple charges of home invasion, drug possession and use, maintaining a drug house and check fraud.

Wickersham said Frost truly thought he was fighting for his life in his attempt to escape. He'll be back in court Sept. 10.