Macomb Twp family told to remove Black Lives Matter sign feels subdivision is targeting them

A family in Macomb says they are being targeted unfairly after showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

They are being told they have to take down the sign in their front yard after some neighbors complained - but they are not the only ones. The orders came down at the Macomb Township River subdivision.

"We can't have any signs on our lawn, I guess we just missed that part," said Katrin Sinishtaj. "What about free speech."

That resident - and about 20 others got letters from the River Subdivision's association to get rid of the signs which would include all of them regardless of the message.

Most subdivisions have bylaws and this subdivision is no different, and one of the bylaws says, "No sign, any kind, shall be displayed to the public on any lot except advertising a lot for sale."

But one neighbor told FOX 2 she believed her Black Lives Matter signs triggered those nasty letters.

The Association leader, who did want to go on camera, said it has discussed sign bans in past meetings- because of complaints related to -too many signs. 

The letter said September 1 was the deadline, and the board is meeting to discuss its next step if the signs stay up.

The association told me that the bylaws could always be changed, but it's a hard process.