Macomb Twp. father and son wait in limbo for kidney transplant surgery

A father and son from Macomb Township are in limbo right now, waiting for the okay from the hospital to proceed with their kidney transplant surgery. 

Anthony Depilla's father has stage-five kidney disease. 

Several months ago, Anthony decided he'd be the first one of the three brothers to get tested to see if he'd be a match to donate his kidney to his father - and he was. 

Their surgery was scheduled for April 8, but they heard the end of March that it was canceled due to COVID-19. 

"While frustrated, we understood that hospitals need all hands on deck and need as much space as possible for what was going on. But it's been very frustrating because it's a tough time for everybody," Anthony told us. 

Now, they wait.

Both of Anthony's parents have underlying health issues so they're both staying home as much as possible during this time. His dad has been working on his diet, too, and has become no longer dependent on insulin for his diabetes. 

"He's just trying to maintain his health, stay positive and just wait from the call from our surgical team for when we can schedule this transplant surgery."

Anthony says they haven't heard yet when they may be able to get back in for surgery. But once they know it's safe to return, they'll need about three weeks to prep for the surgery. 

The hospital will also have to be able to ensure a room is available for his dad to recover.