Mail carrier puts salt down for elderly woman in Oak Park

In Oak Park, a postal worker was captured on video going above and beyond.

As the worker came to deliver the mail, she had trouble getting up the icy steps. One her way down she noticed the bag of salt on the porch and decided the sprinkle some down.

It was at the home on an 80-year-old woman, Florence George, who's lived in the city for 30 years now. Florence tells us she's grateful to have someone looking out for her. 

"I thought it was so nice," she says. "If I was close to her I would've gave her a hug."

Florence tried to get ahold of someone at the postal service via phone to tell them of the mail carrier's good deed, but says she couldn't get through to anyone.

"I would like to say thank you. May God bless you and keep up the good work."