Major investment opens world of opportunity at Randolph Career Tech Center

Thanks to a recent investment, the Randolph Career Tech Center in Detroit is now offering vital training programs to hundreds of students both young and old.

They prepare highschoolers for careers in construction but they're ready to begin expanding that mission.

It's all made possible for more than 300 students throughout the district because of a $10 million investment by the City of Detroit, businesses and the Detroit Community School District

"For students walking into this space that's been totally renovated for them, it sends a message that you're important and that we care about giving you the best opportunities possible," said Alycia Meriweather, deputy superintendent partnerships and innovation.

"We have construction trades, we have the electrical program, we have HVAC - we have everything that where kids have more options after high school," said Krista McKinney-King, principal of Randolph Tech.

For this district and for this city, training and educating these students is an investment in the future. But there's more to this program - this technical education is open to adults as well.

"Plumbing asbestos remediation, you could do a whole bunch of construction-related certifications, carpentry, masonry - the possibilities are endless," said Jeff Donofrio.

Donofrio is with the city's jobs and economy team says the city needs skilled workers and these are good paying jobs, so training classes for adults start this month. They're part-time and full time, classes are free and you walk away with a certificate ready to get to work.

"When you invest in an adult you literally have the ability to change the future of that household immediately," Meriweather said.

"Billions of dollars in investment in construction projects around the city - we have to have that talented workforce to help us rebuild detroit," Donofrio said.

For more on the classes being offered at Randolph Tech, visit They have an apprenticeship expo on Tuesday, Nov. 14 - contact the school for details.