Make $42K per year as the caretaker for Cal State Fresno's living mascot, Victor E. Bulldog III

If you’re still debating on what you should be doing with your life, your search is finally over: because for $42,000 a year you could be taking care of Fresno State’s lovable mascot, Victor E. Bulldog III.

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Not only will you be the new handler and caretaker of Fresno State’s living mascot but also the official “Live Mascot Program Coordinator,” responsible for public relations and keeping up with Victor’s busy schedule.

This full-time position comes with benefits including health, dental, vision, vacation, sick and holiday pay and even a 401k.

As Victor’s personal assistant and social media coordinator, you will ensure his physical, emotional, social and psychological needs are met, according to the job description.

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Think working for the president is hard? Try attending and scheduling all of Victor’s training activities as well as relevant staff meetings while ordering any necessary supplies (he loves dog bone cookies).



Victor first became the school’s mascot in June 2015, after his predecessor, Victor E. Bulldog II unexpectedly passed away on March 12, 2015 after having a severe reaction to a bee sting.

“He brightened the lives of so many Bulldog fans with his zest for life and willingness to always pose for a picture,” Fresno state athletics YouTube page said.

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Applicants will need a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications and journalism or any other related field, ability and desire to live, work and travel with the sweetest animal in existence, working evenings and weekends as needed.

Victor E. Bulldog III turned 4 years old on March 14. That’s 28 in human years, so only qualified applicants need apply — this isn’t his first rodeo.

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If you think you have what it takes to keep Victor safe while making his public image shine, email your application and resume to California State University, Fresno.