Making raclette sandwiches with Detroit Panzerotti

Detroit Panzerotti specializes in pizza, calzones and gourmet sandwiches. They'll have their food available this weekend at the Quicken Loans Winter Blast Weekend presented by Soaring Eagle.

The festival kicks off Friday, Feb. 7 in Campus Martius Park in Detroit. 

Festival producer Jon Witz joined us in the FOX 2 kitchen to tell us more about the festival, along with Nick Piasecki from Detroit Panzerotti. You can hear from them in the video player above and get their raclette sandwich recipe below. 

For more information on Winter Blast, click here

Detroit Panzerotti Company
Raclette Sandwich - Recipe

Raclette Cheese Block or Wheel
3 oz. Prosciutto
French baguette
3 Baby gherkins
1-2 Spring onions, chopped
Dijon mustard
1.    Toast baguette until bread is hot
2.    Place Raclette cheese wheel or block under cheese melter
3.    Slice baguette and insert 3oz. of prosciutto inside
4.    Once cheese is bubbling, remove cheese from melter and scrape the top layer of cheese onto baguette
5.    Spread cheese evenly over bread and meat with knife
6.    Add 3 baby gherkins
7.    Add a pinch of chopped spring onions
8.    Add 3 lines of Dijon mustard