Man, 46, killed in latest Detroit hit and run

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Cris Johnson was killed in a hit and run.

Another fatal hit and run in Detroit, this time happening at Lyndon and Cruse streets.

Cris Johnson, 46, was hit by a speeding van and died Monday night on the west side.

Friends say Stansbury is now a quiet street without Johnson.

"I just love him, I miss him," said J.T., a friend of Johnson. "He is just gone too soon. He was a good man, he didn't bother anybody. He always made people happy."

He was walking home at 9 p.m. from Sawyer Playground park when he was hit by the van, which didn't stop for a second, witnesses say.

"I just pray when I walk past that park that nothing happens," said Cash, a friend of Johnson. "But at that park, something always happens."

Friends of Cris Johnson are frustrated as Detroit police report there have been 53 hit and runs so far this year - not including this month. The trend has been consistent as in 2014 from January to August there were 54, and in 2013, 57.

"This has got to stop," J.T. said. "When is it going to stop."

Johnson's family says everyone who knew him, loved him and thanked neighbors for their support.

Friends ask for answers from those who may have witnessed Johnson's death while police are searching for who decided to leave him there to die.

Anyone with information should call Detroit police at (313)596-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.