Man accused of holding 7-year-old girl at knife-point during robbery, arraigned

On Thursday 57-year-old Melvin Srouff was hiding his face in the courtroom as he was arraigned on charges of armed robbery, assault with intent to murder and attempted carjacking. 

Prosecutors say on Sunday Srouff held a large knife to the throat of a 7-year-old girl in a Meijer parking lot in Pittsfield Township. Then he stole her mother’s wallet and took off on foot. He later turned himself in to police. 

“He is not requesting to make a bond motion at this time,” said Srouff’s attorney Delphia Simpson. 

Before the incident, Srouff was already on a parole hold with the Department of Corrections. 

“Mr. Srouff has been to prison I believe on four separate occasions dating back to 1980,” said Washtenaw County Assistant Andrew Childers. 

All of those prior offenses were non-violent, but in 2001 he was sentenced to prison for a home invasion. 

“This is an extremely dangerous situation,” said Childers. “The defendant is facing two life offenses. Five other felonies, and it did involve placing a knife on a 7-year-old’s neck in broad daylight.”

Srouff will remain behind bars and he is due back in court on May 21. 

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