Man accused of identity theft and counterfeiting money busted

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A suspect has been busted in connection with an elaborate counterfeit and identity theft operation.

Ann Arbor Police say 30-year-old Shawn Ingram has been hopping from state to state stealing identities to create fake credit cards.  Police say they caught Ingram after he tried to use a fake 20 dollar bill at an Ann Arbor gas station.

In court Thursday, Ingram began with lying about his own name to the judge.

He also told the judge he lives in Shelby Township, but police say that’s the first they heard of it. They say  he most likely lives in California, but spends most of his time bouncing from hotel to hotel using fake ids, alias' and rental cars.

Police say he had a number of fake credit cards, IDs, and the ability to print off his own money. They suspect him in a number of similar crimes in the area and possibly beyond here as well.

"In the scheme of identity theft I think we scratched the surface,” said Lt. Matt Lige, Ann Arbor PD.

Ingram now faces 9 felony charges including being in possession of false money. Since he admitted to lying to the judge and is considered a flight he was given a $100,000 bond and a tether if he gets out.