Man accused of shooting up Detroit neighborhood ordered to stand trial

Robert McLendon is accused of terrorizing his west side neighborhood, shooting up the home of an 85-year-old woman several times over the course of several months. But it wasn't until police say he went on a shooting spree near Wildemere and Hazelwood in early December, hitting seven houses, that he was finally caught.

"I could hear some shots outside my door and then I could see sparks coming through my window," one witness said. 

Witnesses testified that they were terrified after their homes and their loved ones, including children, were under fire in the middle of the night.

Man charged after shooting into Detroit home overnight with 3 women inside

"What I heard was glass breaking and it was popping in our face," another witness said.

Police say they responded almost immediately -- in time to hear the gunfire.

"We had just heard these shots fired and saw a male running from that location with a ski mask on," said Officer Christina Villareal.

Villareal testified she and her partner chased him a short distance, then told him to get down. He did and they made the arrest, and discovered he still had ammunition on him.

"I found one empty 40 caliber magazine - one banana-shaped AR style magazine," she said.

Officers testified they recovered weapons and with McClendon under arrest, executed a search warrant on his home. One wall was completely covered in pornographic images and there was a shotgun below it on a rack. Investigators say they also found disturbing writings on the wall.

Detroit man arraigned in shooting of 84-year-old woman's home

"The top line says killing plan, exclamation point. The second line says kill one of their people," said MSP Detective Trooper James Plummer.

Police said he even listed the addresses of nearby homes. The judge said the it was very lucky nobody was killed or hurt. McClendon was bound over for trial.