Man arrested for graffiti tribute to slain friend on building after posting it on Facebook

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A graffiti memorial has led to a man behind bars in Mount Clemens.

It was apparently just a tribute to a shooting victim who had recently died. A good intention, but horrible idea made worse, when he posted a photo of his work on Facebook for everyone to see. 

Phil Gilchrist is the executive director of the Anton Art Center says they encourage people to get creative with chalk on the sidewalk there - but not on the side on the building with spray paint.

But a couple of weeks ago a guy looking to pay tribute to a friend decided to use their building as his canvas.

The suspect tagged the building with R.I.P.  Evan Affer, Tone Loke. Police were able to track down the man pretty quickly since he posted his art on Facebook.

Gilchrist got Mount Clemens to clean up the city owned building - but before he knew it, the vandal stuck again but this time Gilchrist was able to intervene.

"He had owned up to the graffiti to me, mentioned there was some issue with Facebook and that was the extent of that conversation," Gilchrist said.

Gilchrist contacted Macomb County Sheriff's Department who arrested the artist, Anthony Gigliotti, on the spot.

We're told once Gigliotti came down from the 15-foot cinderblock wall - he admitted several people confronted him on Facebook about what he did and he came to the art center to fight them.

Gigliotti was charged with trespassing and two counts of malicious destruction of property.

"This is not exactly what we imagined or hoped for," Gilchrist said.

Gilchrist says he is a proponent of public art work but wants to remind people you have to get permission to do so. Damaging property is never okay.