Man arrested in Hazel Park after police chase, crash along I-75 in Detroit

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Authorities have a person in custody following a car chase on I-75 that transitioned into a foot race through Hazel Park. 

The chase happened Friday morning just after 10 a.m. on the northbound side in the area of Caniff and involved a stolen white pickup truck. 

The suspect eventually crashed the white pickup when he tried to squeeze between two adjacent vehicles on the highway. When it spun out, the suspect continued on foot. He ran up the freeway embankment, hopped a fence and ran into a nearby neighborhood in Hazel Park. He then hopped another fence into a backyard, and wandered in front to the sidewalk where police eventually caught up with him. 

" thing I know, he hit me right square on the hind end and hit this car here," said Daniel Toppings a semi-truck driver.

He was taken into custody without issue along the I-75 service drive and Manatee. Both Detroit police and Michigan State Police were responding to the situation. 

The truck that was hijacked was part of a dog poop pickup fleet. It was outfitted with a GPS system that made it easier for officers to track the vehicle. There was a second person involved in the chase, however they fled prior to the truck going on I-75. He has not been found.

You can watch a replay of the pursuit in the video player above.