Man arrested in shooting death of his stepfather in River Rouge

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A young man is under arrest in the shooting death of his stepfather in River Rouge.

The two men were fighting over a gun - and now police are working to find out who it belonged to.

"I just heard he shot his step dad," said Artisha Madison. "(I'm) really sad and ... not him,"

Madison heard the gunshots ring out early Monday morning, but never imagined it was coming from inside her neighbor's home in the 400 block of Campbell in River Rouge.

She says even more shocking is that her friend she referred to as "EZ" was arrested for the shooting death of his stepfather.

"I thought it was farther I didn't know it was going to be right next door," she said. "And then he is a nice guy I don't know why he would do that."

Police say the stepfather and his stepson, who is in his early 20s, began arguing around 2:30 a.m. Sources say it was over a gun, however neither we've learned was a registered CPL holder.

The fight escalated and the man shot his stepfather while his mother and stepbrother were asleep a few rooms away.

"Something they owned they were arguing over," said Det. Dasumo Mitchell, River Rouge police. "And it started in an argument and led to gun fire.

"Right now he was cooperative, he is working with us."

FOX 2: "Was he arrested here?"

"Yes he was in custody on scene," Mitchell said.

Police also recovered the weapon. Investigators are working to determine who it belongs to and if this was a case of self-defense.

Geraldine Ward, who lives across the street, says the family lived there for 5 years and was always respectful, keeping to themselves. She never imagined this.

"It's just a hurting thing, it's a tragedy," said Ward. "And it has never happened here, I'm just overwhelmed with this."

Police aren't releasing names yet - until all family is notified. FOX 2 is told the stepson is expected to be charged within the next couple of days.