Man beaten in front of daughter at Redford gas station: 'Felt like 200 feet kicking me'

A man was brutally attacked in front of his daughter at a Marathon gas station Saturday night.

"It just felt like 200 feet kicking me," said Jack of Wayne County. He has decided to remain anonymous in fear for his family's safety. 

The victim sustained two black eyes and a broken nose. 

"If I didn’t black out, it felt like I was right there. One of them had brass knuckles – the taller one," he said. "One of them said 'get the gun' and the taller one said, ‘leave it, don’t do it.’ Thank God."

Jack was merely filling up his car with gas on Plymouth Road in Redford Township after picking up his 19-year-old daughter from her boyfriend's house, he said. As he went inside, he got the sense that he had walked in on an attempted robbery. 

"It was kind of rowdy in there. There was people in there so I kind of got nervous. I knew I had my wallet on me, so I tucked it down," Jack said. "Then they bought a black ski mask, and they put it on, and that’s when I knew something was going to happen."

As the beating took place, Jack could only think about his daughter, he said.

"One of them attempted to walk towards her because she was taking a (picture)… and I remember saying, ‘Don’t even think about it. This is over,’" Jack recalled with tears in his eyes. "I didn’t want to fight back no more, I just wanted it over with."

As police investigate, Jack hopes witnesses will help provide clues to get his attackers off the street.

"Hopefully, they find these people before they do something," Jack said. "It’s not their first, and it won’t be their last."