Man called fake k-9 officer charged with impersonating cop in metro Detroit

A man accused of posing as a k-9 officer in the metro Detroit area has been charged with impersonating an officer.

According to the prosecutor's office, 23-year-old Blake Pervis has been charged with impersonating a peace officer and possession of flashing lights.

Police say around 6:30 p.m. March 24, Purvis was allegedly driving a black SUV with decals resembling those on a police car and wearing clothes similar to a police officer uniform. He is accused of attempting to pull a driver over at the Lodge Freeway near the I-94 using flashing lights. Suspicious, the woman kept driving and reported the incident to police.

Purvis can be seen in social media posts with the alleged car and clothing, prompting Dearborn Heights police to issue a warning in a Facebook post: 'Attention all Dearborn Heights citizens keep your eyes open for this guy! He is not a real police officer, let alone a k-9 officer!'

Warning issued for fake k-9 cop by Dearborn Heights police

Local resident Joe Matney says Purvis pulled him over, claiming to be a cop.

"He comes out there and he's going did you know those lights are illegal here in Dearborn," Matney said. "I said well that's nice, I said I can have a Detroit police officer here right away because we are actually in Detroit right now."

FOX 2 spoke with Purvis on March 29 to share his side of the story. He says he delivers meals, blankets and socks to the homeless with his Feeding Detroit and Downriver organization, claiming he collects hundreds a month, and he says he works an overnight security job as well.

Man called fake k-9 officer says he feeds hungry in metro Detroit

"If I did anything wrong - like I have been telling everybody - I would be sitting in jail right now if I was impersonating a police officer," Purvis said.

He says Michigan State Police took his phone and dash cam for investigation.

Impersonating a peace officer is a one-year misdemeanor and possession of flashing lights is a 90-day misdemeanor.

Purvis is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in 36th District Court.