Man caught in shooting cross fire at Dane's Social Club on Detroit's west side

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Police are investigating after gunfire broke out early Sunday morning at a party on the city's west side. A man was at his party with his girlfriend when he was shot -- caught in the crossfire. 

The shooting happened at the Danes Social Club, a rental hall that people rent to throw parties in. Two strangers started shooting at each other. 

The girlfriend of the 30-year-old victim rushed him to Sinai Grace Hospital after he was shot five times throughout his body. Amazingly, he's expected to be okay. 

"For something like that to happen over here, this is usually a nice quiet neighborhood, I’m really surprised that something of that sort happened over here," Tammy said. She's lived in this neighborhood for years. 

This shooting is one of ten throughout the city this weekend. As of Sunday evening, six people have lost their lives to gun violence. 

"We need to think about the little people that are coming up in the world, think about our community; we're trying to rebuild our community, so we really need to just stop the violence," she said. 

Even with the violent statistics from this weekend, Tammy says this is still her home.

"I don't feel afraid, there's nothing to be afraid about, it's the circle in which people travel that makes violence come into play, I don't travel with violent people so no I don't fear the city at all, I love my city," she said. 

If you know anything that happened inside the Dane Social Club early Sunday morning, please call Detroit Police.