Man charged for murder of Wayne State Sgt Colin Rose

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It has been nearly nine months since Wayne State police Sgt. Colin Rose was gunned down.

On Thursday suspect Raymond Durham was inside a courtroom to hear the list the charges against home including first degree murder in the death of Rose, killed in the line of duty in November of 2016.

Durham also had a second hearing to see if he is competent. The judge ruled to wait 90 more days to see if Durham is able to move forward in the case.

"What happens next is he will be taken to the forensic center," Silver said. "He is to be treated in a hospital setting to try to restore a competency so that we can proceed with the case.

"He sat in the Wayne County Jail for 90 days-plus instead of going to the center to get treatment, so hopefully he would be made competent so we could move forward."

In court, Judge Kenneth J. Keith had one exchange with Durham about his medication.

"Mr. Durham taking the medication is for your benefit, you understand that don't you?" King said.

"Yes your honor," Durham said before his defense attorney interrupted to take issue with the judge asking him questions.

"Judge we've had this discussion," said attorney Gabi Silver. "I am not comfortable based on my contact with Mr. Durham, (with) the court questioning him in court."

"I wasn't questioning him other than the medication, and I want to make sure that he understands that he does," King said.

"Okay," Silver said. "Yes."

Detroit Police Chief James Craig weighed in afterwards.

"I had a great conversation with Detroit's new health director," Craig said. "She is real energetic about addressing this issue; she understands that mental illness untreated is causing a lot of problems."

At Wayne State, Detroit Police and the university's Chief Anthony Holt with Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy spoke about the charges.

Earlier this year, authorities held a man in custody to find out they had the wrong guy. But this around, they are confident their case to move forward.

"We're talking about an investigation that took place on a daily basis," Worthy said. "Many of these officers were working 24 hour shifts around the clock to make sure that this is a case that we can charge at this day and time. I'm not going to comment on any of the strengths or weaknesses, I never do that. We are confident that we have the correct charges and the correct defendant at this time."

Chief Holt and his department at Wayne State University say they are beginning to find some sort of closure after months of hard work on this case.

"They did an unbelievable job bringing everything to light here to get the right guy," Holt said.

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Durham is scheduled to be back in court for another competency hearing on Nov. 3 to see if he is mentally stable.