Man charged in 6-month-old's death in hit-and-run crash

A man arrested in a hit and run that claimed a baby's life was formally charged Monday in the deadly crash.

"He just held his head down. He really don't have no or any remorse," Demetrius Brown. "I'm mad. I'm truly mad because he left my kid there to die."

DeAndre Cody faces a number of charges, including failure to stop at an accident when at fault resulting in death and operating a motor vehicle with a license suspended causing death.

The family says they were satisfied with the charges until the judge decided not to charge him with manslaughter.

"I felt the manslaughter should have stayed. She charged him with it and then she changed her mind. He should've been charged with manslaughter," Brown said.

Fox 2 reached out to the Wayne County Prosecutors Office and were told these are the appropriate charges.

They say they charge what they believe they can prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brown says his two daughters who were injured will hopefully be released from the hospital next week.

He says their mother is still having a difficult time.

"She's not doing too good -- physically and mentally," Brown said.

As the family deals with court proceedings, they are also trying to find enough money to give their little boy a proper burial.

"We could use any assistance from the public donations, monetary, because he was just six months old. We hadn't had a chance to get insurance on him," Brown said.

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Cody's bond was set at $500,000 cash.

And Brown says if he ever can speak to Cody man to man he would tell him:

"He's a coward and you don't want to hear the rest," he said.