Man charged in Sgt. Collin Rose's murder found incompetent for trial for 5th time

The man accused of murdering a police officer and shooting two others was found incompetent to stand trial for a fifth time Tuesday.

Prosecutors said 62-year-old Raymond Durham is accused of killing 29-year-old Sgt. Collin Rose back in November 2016. Tuesday's hearing is the fifth time Judge Kenneth King had to weigh in as to whether or not Durham understands the charges against him and if he can assist his attorney.  

"He also said that he didn't like me, and I was going to get 20 years in jail too because I didn't know how to pay games," said Durham's Attorney, Gabi Silver.

In a 40-page report by psychiatrist Dr. Benedict, she believes that Durham is competent to stand trial. But Silver thinks otherwise.  

Prosecutors said Durham shot Sgt. Rose while Durham said it was in self-defense. He is charged with the non-fatal shootings of two police officers in March 2017. However, another psychiatrist says Durham is incompetent.  

"Consistently making irrational statements over the 18 months that I've been his treating doctor," said Dr. Ernest Poortinga.

Now because it's been more than 15 months since the crime was committed, the charges must be dismissed but brought back if Durham is found to be competent at a later date.