Man charged with killing DPD Sgt. Ken Steil smiles, laughs in court

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So many said he was mentally ill and questioned whether he competent to stand trial, but the case against Marquise Cromer is moving forward.

Cromer was evaluated for competency. Ultimately he was deemed competent, but his behavior in court was strange. He smiled, made faces, and laughed during the hearing.

Despite his behavior, the judge ruled he will stand trial.

“Defendant charged with homicide of a peace or correction officer - murder in first degree.”

Marquise Cromer is accused of shooting Detroit Police Sgt. Kenneth Steil on September 11th. Steil died from complications days later.

“I heard what appeared to be a gunshot in the air," testified Officer Ron Cadez, Detroit police. "It was very loud and as I’m running I see my Sergeant in front of me drop to the ground.”

Sgt. Steil's widow was emotional as she listened to testimony from a fellow officer. Cromer had been wanted for shooting his own father, and for carjacking a man who testified in court. 

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“He asked for a ride," said Abuhamra Elhady. "And then when I said I was in a rush I had to go, he pulled out a gun and said, ‘Get out of the car. I'm taking the car.’”

Prosecutor: "When you were turning to get out of the car, what happened then?"

“That's when I got shot," he said.