Man charged with killing wife in Shelby Twp. headed to trial

Accused killer Joshua Boshell is charged with murdering his wife, Kristi, the night of March 16 at their apartment in Shelby Township.

Police say he tried to make it look like a suicide.

"She was laying in between the bed and the south wall of the bedroom. She has blood about her face and body. And a handgun on her right thigh," said Shelby Township Police Sgt. Beth Walsh.

But police knew immediately it didn't look like a suicide.

Man charged with killing wife in Shelby Twp, joins brother in jail held on different murder

"The gun was placed on her thigh in an usual manner that normally we would not see," Walsh said.

The scene looked suspect -- the victim's wedding band was in the middle of the bed. When officers tried to find out what happened, Boshell wouldn't say.

"Boshell basically said - Kristi's dead. He used profanity, she's f***ing dead right? There's nothing I can do about it. He was just very agitated, " Shelby Township Police Det. Chris Killop said.

Boshell was transported to the Shelby Township Police Department for an interview, initially telling officers it had been a typical Friday night. He said they were drinking vodka when he heard a gunshot and found his wife had taken her life.

But the next day, when pressed about inconsistencies in his story, police say he eventually revealed what really happened.

"It was an accident, he didn't mean to do it - but he did shoot her," Killop said. "Josh said in fact, I'm not going to lie anymore - it was an accident."

The victim's loved ones looked on Tuesday, listening to Boshell's confession.

"He came from the shower - pointed the gun at Kristi and the gun went off," Killop said.

This is not the first time a Boshell has been charged with murder in Macomb County. His Brother Jeremiah Boshell is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend, trying to hunt down others, firing at innocent bystanders and police in the process.

Now Joshua Boshell will stand trial for murder as well.